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Books play a very important role in our life. Everyone agrees that books are the greatest wonders in the world. They not only teach us, they stir our imagination.

Reading books enriches the mind and life. Books help us to learn how to express our thoughts and feelings more exactly. Some people say, that books are the surest way ot bring nations together. It’s true.

Books can give us much interesting information. It is very good when they have colourful attractive illustrations. Books without illustrations are boring to read.

I think, that it is very interesting to read books, because some of them enriches the mind with knowledge, some bring pleasure and delight, some portray life in its richness.

There are a lot of different kinds of books. We know, that different people like different books. Little children always read fairy tales. Boys often read detective stories, adventure stories, heroic stories. Girls often read fiction, humorous stories, short stories, books of poetry. Men and woman read biographies, historical dramas, science fiction and novels.

I like novels and detective stories. My favourite book is “A horseman without head”. Now we can buy books everywhere, but we must guard books. I think, that we must read books and then we’ll become cleverer, better and kinder to each other.

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